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Finance & Governance


The MCA trust relies on a team of volunteers to lead the fundraising with all funds coming from personal donations, corporate donations, event and sporting sponsorships and from ticket sales for our events. 

A revenue budget and event planner are prepared at the beginning of each financial year and approved by the Board of Trustees which then forms the basis of our annual fundraising target for each event.

Our annual events include Quiz and Racing nights, golf days, sporting challenges eg London to Brighton bike ride and Three Peaks challenge, the Casino night, premier league predictions competition and our now legendary Ibiza bottomless brunch.

Financial Results

As a fully registered charity we report directly to the Charities Commission under our Charity number 1141670, the Trustees ensure our annual returns and financial returns are always filed with the commission on time.

Our financial year end is 30th November and our recent results are:





Gross Fundraising Income 55.4k 24.9k 87.7k
Gross Expenditure 59.3k 23.2k 33.6k


Gross Fundraising Income

Gross Expenditure










Surplus reserves as at 30/11/2021 were £137,603.01 held in an FCA regulated bank approved by the Trustees, the Charity currently holds no other assets.

Support Care approval

Recommendations for child care support usually come from the local network of hospitals and each case is dealt with on its own circumstances and based upon the cost/benefit we can provide , accordingly no budget is set on child care expense and each application is dealt with by the Trustees and executive committee who will discuss each application and make a decision.

If there is any conflict of interest arising from a care package approval it is dealt with by our internal Conflicts Policy with the person who has the conflict removed from the decision making process. 

Risk Management

The MCA Trust maintains a full Risk Assessment which is reviewed at each Trustee meeting, the Risk Assessment keep all risks to the charity in focus and includes:

  • Financial risks including cyber attacks, financial crime attempts, protecting funds raised
  • Safeguarding risks particularly as the MCA Trust is a children’s charity
  • Data protection in line with GDPR and our Privacy policy
  • Public and Volunteer safety risks
  • Complaints handling
  • Exploitation Risks

These risks are rated by severity and likelihood to calculate low to high risks and then we mitigate each risk as much as possible.