To take part in this Inaugural MCA Trust Junior Golf Classic you must either:

Complete an Entry Form and a Registration & Consent Form which must be sent with your cheque in accordance with the details on the Entry Form. The form can be downloaded here.


Complete the entry details below and agree to the Competition Terms and Conditions. Then click 'Submit' to send the information to the Competition Organiser.

To make the payment, enter your name and email address and agree to the Payment Terms. Please ensure your email address is correct so you can be sent a receipt.

On clicking 'Continue' you will be taken to the payment page.


All included events shall be played in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf and Local Rules as approved.

1) Competitors entered in the Junior Classic must be:
• Of Amateur Status as defined by the R&A.
• At least 12 years of age and Under the age of 18 years on the 27th August 2019.
• In possession of a Competitive Handicap registered on the CDH under the CONGU Unified SSS & Handicapping Scheme 2016-2019 and not exceeding that determined by the County Union as a condition of entry.
• A member of an affiliated Golf Club. This club must be their HOME club for Handicapping purposes.

2) All Participants must have submitted a completed consent form to include data regarding Health & Safety / Medical / Consent to Photography & Videography to the MCA Trust OR ticked the Terms and Conditions checkbox when making an online payment in which case such consent will be deemed to have been given as indicated below (under Consent Information). Failure to do so will prevent participating in this event.

3) Entry fees will not be refunded unless the event is unavoidably cancelled or postponed by the MCA Trust. The MCA Trust Junior Classic organisers retain the right to refuse entry without giving reason for their decision, which shall be final

4) Competitors are reminded that they are required to register their intention to play 30 minutes prior to their start time.

5) Dress Code - Competitors are permitted to wear tailored shorts with white socks that cover the ankle, if permitted by the Host Club. The following dress code applies to all competitors playing:
Jeans, collarless tee shirts, tracksuits and trainers are not allowed.

6) Caddies must be aged 18 and under on the 27th August 2019 and be aware of standard golfing etiquette.

7) Any competitor, caddie or parent/guardian who behaves in an unacceptable manner during competition days may be asked to leave the event.

8) Mobile phones must be turned off and may not be used on the course except when contacting an emergency service or tournament administrator. They may however be used in accordance with rule 4.3a in the rules of golf.

9) The format of play is Stableford. Maximum Handicap for boys is 28, for girls it is 36. Please be aware that boys & girls may be drawn together.

10) Please note that parents or guardians should be aware that children, of any age, will not be supervised by MCA officials or volunteers on duty at the event.


By ticking the Terms and Conditions checkbox you give consent that if an emergency medical situation arises, the organisation may act in loco parentis. For example, in the case when first aid and/or other medical treatment, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary. You also understand that in such circumstances all reasonable steps will be taken.

You also confirm that you have read, or been made aware of, the organisation’s policies concerning:

Codes for conduct for parents, coaches, children & young people.
Photography, videoing, texting and use of social media policies.
You can confirm that your child is aware of the Rules of Golf’ code of conduct for children and anti-bullying.
Please ensure you click the 'Submit' button above before making your payment below.


Junior Classic – 27th August 2019

£ 20.00
Name and email address


Total Payment: £20.00