On the 15th December 2017, Seven Kings Lodge No 2749 once again hosted the Boar's Head, which had this year been the best ever with over 140 attendees, £3000 worth of toys and a record of £3060 raised in cash.

Every person wishing to come to the meeting was required to bring a toy, all of which have been distributed to Harlow, East Ham, Basildon and Broomfield Hospitals and were extremely well received by the staff and the children.

Seven Kings Lodge also supported the MCA trust in a Christmas Party for all the sick children and their siblings. Father Christmas was attended in the grotto by five elves (three of whom were the granddaughters of the Square Chairman) and thirty eight of the children were from Great Ormond Street Hospital. A whole host of characters from TV and film arrived to the amazement of the children and there were many other attractions.

Please do have a look at the photos of the Boars Head Meeting below and also those taken at the Christmas Party for the children on the 17th December 2017.