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A children’s cancer charity
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The MCA Trust supports cancer patients under the age of 22 across East London and Essex. We aim to bring hope and happiness to these vibrant young people and their families during some of the most challenging times they’ll ever face.

Michael ‘Micky’ Charles Adams, MBE
Michael ‘Micky’ Charles Adams, MBE

In memory of Michael

The trust was established in 2011 in memory of Michael Charles Adams, MBE. Michael spent much of his life supporting children’s charities and was honoured to receive an MBE in 2006 for his work on youth initiatives in his beloved local community. Sadly, in 2010, he lost a short battle with a brain tumour. The MCA Trust is a fitting legacy that has already made a difference to more than 15 families’ individual cancer journeys, alongside projects to benefit all users of children’s cancer wards at numerous hospitals.

What do we do?

The scope of our work is varied. We provide financial and emotional support inside and outside of hospital environments.

Working in partnership with local NHS Trusts, we identify and fund projects that will make a real difference to children who are battling cancer. Completed projects include purchasing sophisticated medical equipment and refurbishing dedicated children’s oncology areas to create a better experience for all users.

Respite between treatments is a fundamental aspect of every child’s recovery. We also recognise that the cancer journey is hard on the whole family, so one of the ways we provide support comes from arranging experiences and holidays to sought-after locations that many children might wish for.

little girl dressed as princess
Lily's Story

At the tender age of just 6 years old, Lily was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Intensive treatment schedules with long hospital stays meant that she missed out on many normal childhood experiences. The pressure on her entire family to provide round-the-clock care and consideration was immense.

When Lily was given the all-clear for long-haul travel, The MCA Trust booked an all-expenses-paid family holiday of any child’s dreams to DisneyWorld Florida. 

The respite provided by the trip allowed the family to reconnect and make some incredibly happy memories. During the break, Lily shared a most heart-warming sentiment when she told her mum that she “felt free”.

Shortly after, she was able to return to school and resume a relatively normal routine. Lily’s family said that they “couldn’t thank The MCA Trust enough for funding the precious time spent together at DisneyWorld.” 

Names and photos have been changed for privacy

We’re partnered with NHS Trusts across the area

Our volunteers are the essence of our work
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Our work wouldn’t be possible without our network of willing volunteers. Alongside our Trustee team, we have many people sharing their time and skills with us to ensure we succeed in our mission to support local children and young adults. We, and the families, hospitals and organisations we work with, are so thankful for each and every one of these incredible people.

Meet our team

Our core team of Trustees is made up of founding members and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people affected by cancer. These individuals are responsible for driving The MCA Trust forward with countless events and new initiatives year-on-year.

mca trust volunteer keith isaacs
Keith Isaacs
Instrumental to the ever-growing success of the charity, Keith set up The MCA Trust in 2011 in memory of his father-in-law, Micky Adams. He now works around the clock to ensure we continue to deliver vital support time after time.
mca trust volunteer joanne isaacs
Joanne Isaacs
Daughter of Micky Adams, Joanne oversees all operations, including plentiful projects such as our ‘MCA Christmas Extravaganza and Winter Ball’.
mca trust volunteer james isaacs
James Isaacs
Micky’s grandson, James, spends his time running and participating in multiple annual fundraisers, as well as overseeing all operations alongside the rest of the team.
mca trust volunteer joyce adams
Joyce Adams
Joyce, (wife of the late Micky Adams) has given monumental support to the charity since day one. Overseeing all operations and regularly attending our flagship events, she is an integral part of The MCA Trust’s founding team.
mca trust volunteer matthew adams
Matthew Adams
Also overseeing operations and supporting at numerous fundraising events, Matthew, son of Micky Adams is an indispensable member of the Trustee team.
mca trust volunteer faye ashton
Faye Ashton
Secretary and Patron
As secretary, Faye handles the day-to-day operations within the organisation as well as acting as a key driver and tutor for our ever-growing MCA Education and Careers Scheme.
mca trust volunteer ed cleary
Ed Cleary
Ed is instrumental to the running of the charity, as he strives to protect our 97p:£1 ratio whilst looking after our finances.
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Rob Cook
Marketing Manager
Rob’s marketing and communication efforts play a vital role in showcasing the continued growth of the charity. His campaigns are steadily raising the profile of the MCA Trust on both the local and national stage.
mca trust volunteer jojo rimington
Jojo Rimington
Administrative Manager
Bringing a wealth of experience to her role, Jojo plays an important part in supporting The MCA Trust’s programmes and services to ensure a smooth and consistent operation.
mca trust volunteer chris illingworth
Chris Illingworth
Education Coordinator
Essential to the growth of the brand-new MCA Education scheme, Chris is responsible for the development and implementation of educational programmes and resources that will support young people to catch up on missed schooling.
mca trust volunteer aaron eglin
Aaron Eglin
Careers Coordinator
Imperative to the growth of our newly formed MCA Education and Careers Scheme, Aaron ensures the programme and its resources stay aligned with the defined objectives. He also provides young people with career support as needed.

A word from our chairman

“The MCA Trust’s success to date, is a direct result of all the hard work from many volunteers that have given their time over a number of years. This has enabled us as a charity to do even more for the many children we support. We simply would not be as effective as we are without them – they are key to our continued success!”
mca trust volunteer keith isaacs
Keith Isaacs

Our patrons